CRISTABELLE BRADEN is a singer/songwriter, speaker, and national advocate for brain injury from Allentown, PA. After suffering a traumatic brain injury as a teen, she began to write music. Since then, she has surpassed medical expectations and thrived in her newfound gift of music; she has come from re-learning daily life tasks in brain injury rehabilitation to setting her feet firmly on the ground as a songwriter and artist with a message of hope.

Cristabelle’s newest release, Start with Hello, brings a message of confidence, identity, and survival. Through her struggles, Cristabelle has come to a greater strength, which clearly shows through her passionate vocal performance and songwriting. Through her catchy pop sound, this album brings an empowering message of how to acknowledge and overcome fears, doubts, and insecurities with a simple hello. 

With relatable lyrics, Cristabelle’s upbeat songs speak to her open conversation in life about hope, love, and faith. Start With Hello shines the light on vulnerable moments in her journey and how out of those moments healing is found. Most of all, Start With Hello is an invitation – come and join Cristabelle on this journey of hope.

Cristabelle is a living testimony and fights for what she believes in, through her music, speaking, and advocating for brain injury. She is active in her organization Hope After Head Injury, providing support and resources to survivors and caregivers living with this journey. She is also an accomplished speaker, having given keynote addresses at the Mayo Clinic Brain Injury Conference in Rochester, MN, as well as statewide brain injury conferences in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Rhode Island, North Dakota, among others.


This video was filmed on the Hope Survives Tour, watch to see more about Cristabelle’s ministry and impact on the brain injury community!

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